Q: How to make Update from to correctly

A friend of mine has a Xperia 10 running still SFOS, wants to update to 72 and asked me for advice what to do. He skipped the updates to 64 and 68.
As I never skip an update, I’m unsure now. So I want to ask, is it possible in this case to update simply by ‘Updates - Settings - Search for updates - Update’ and don’t care for Version 64 and 68 , or is something special to do in CLI for a safe update?

Thanks for hints and infos!

you can’t skip 68, it’s a stop release Releases | Sailfish OS Documentation

He should do it through GUI


I asked a similar question some time ago, and apparently the minor-minor-minor release level does not matter:

Personally I would just check which update is suggested in the GUI updater, and then update to that one using whatever way I feel most comfortable with.

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