Pure Maps (Native map app)

OSM Scout Server: Latest version should work with SFOS 4.1+. Which version of SFOS do you run?

Edited: corrected to 4.1. See OpenRepos description, text in bold


It’s so I guess I have to wait for the update.


… might be relevant…

Thanks. Got it working now.

I have a question because i cant quite get what is going on. Does the blue position marker (pointy one) has an orientation based on what it reads from the compass?? (ie north is the round side pointy side is south etc.)

When walking or standing and iff Compass is enabled in Settings, the arrow will point according to compass. It should show you orientation of the phone making it easier to orient when you are lost. Try to rotate yourself with the phone in hand and see if it makes sense.

Now, the last release changed direction calculations and you maybe seeing effects of that. Could be some bug, but those have to be filed at github :slight_smile:

I don’t know if i am seeing a bug or a compass that is not working right on my device. The blue marker moves around but it seems to have a mind of its own.

I’ll test more.

Check with compass app. And don’t forget to calibrate compass by moving phone in the shape of 8 - in all directions (calibration is automatic)

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I tested (the compass) with the CSD tool and i feel like its working right. As i spin on my chair the current azimuth changes in a more or less precise way and i am quite sure the orientation is correct.

I’ll let you know when i get to test pure maps a bit more.

For me it kept crashing when searching for stuff nearby (1km). It did that after firing it up but stopped crashing at some point. Mostly seems to work (Sony Xperia 10ii).

Since a basic Jolla Maps no longer exists, perhaps a simplified user-friendly version of this could work. We’d just need to streamline the UI a bit :slight_smile:

Other than some choppy transitions (not always) i haven’t had it crash on me. As for the UI i don’t find it weird or something. But that me.

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There are no aarch64 TTS engine builds currently available, yes?

Neither Mimic nor PicoTTS have an Install command on Storeman w/ X10II

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Hi all and thanks for the update,

I’m kinda struggling with understanding how the APIs work.

For example, if I wanted to use the app for public transportation in Europe, which API should I pick ?

Also, is there some trick/API for the location to work ? (it doesn’t seem to by only turning it on from the device’s settings). @Setok I’m allowing myself to tag you since we both have the xperia 10 ii

thanks !

Re UI: Suggestions are welcome. If you have some ideas to discuss, either do it here or open dedicated GitHub issue.

Re TTS aarch64: yes, those are absent right now. I haven’t looked into them yet and will need to rebuild accordingly when I get time to do so.

Re APIs: I presume you mean providers. Right now none of the providers give public transport info. I used to get the data and package for OSM Scout Server, but data access is rather limited (or absent). Would have to look into it again. If you know provider that can give such routing information, let me know - open an issue at Github. We already have a plan to get HERE fully (or mostly) supported, that should address it.

Re location API: that is enabled on device level and GPS is triggered when some app requests location. Not much tuning let to the user.


The location worked OK for me. Maybe because I installed the Jolla location package (couldn’t bother understanding why that doesn’t happen automatically based on my location).

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What is the Jolla location package?

Data files needed to get Mozilla Location Service working “offline”.

I searched now for this in Jolla shop and found:

Positioning northern + southern + western + eastern Europe,
P. India, P. Australia (together 6 apps to install)

@atlochowski : Is this the Data files to make MLS working offline?

But I’m working perfectly with OSMScout Server and Pure Maps offline.
Does this mean that I have those packages installed by default, besides the maps I downloaded?

If you want to get Fix faster you have to install this MLS packages.

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