Progress bar in filemanager

Have you ever thought of integrating a progress bar on the integrated filemanager?even one on the notification screen like downloads would be perfect

You know, it’s quite inconvenient to copy something without seeing when it finishes or if it’s actually doing something…


To me yes, would be useful. But in my experience can say that SFOS file manager is faster and more reliable then others.
To format usb drives too.

Actually the progress bar should be in this part of the system. So if there’s any pending operation, there should global indicator so apps could just use it.

We’ve got only remorse timer until now, no progress bar actually :wink:

well even if it’s faster it should have a progress bar

if you’re copying something to, let’s say, the sd card, you can only guess it finished copying as the space in the sd card does not decrease anymore, quite inconvenient

that’s one of the reason why i use a dedicated file manager (cargo dock in this case) (the other one being the file manager being very well hidden)

well the remorse timer can also serve as a progress bar tbh need some tweaks only imho

Are you talking about the thing hidden in the settings app, or do you mean the File Browser app? (People often confuse these two or mistakenly think File Browser were made by Jolla…)

There’s actually the ProgressBar type in Silica, and notifications can show progress as well. It’s “just” a matter of implementing it.


I mean that really hidden thing in settings

It’s a shame it does not have a progress bar

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True that! If it had one, it could perhaps be used by other file manager apps as well, i.e. other file managers could rely on the system for file operations…

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Was thinking more of the hidden app, but you know what, it’s a great idea, so other apps can just reuse the system one…

I always unmount the sd card or usb-stick when I’m copying onto it and i want to take it out, so that way i know when the process is finished, because it’s only unmounted when it’s not accessed anymore

As far as I know, the file operations are exposed to QML through : GitHub - sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-filemanager which is open source.

It seems to me that the current API does not support progress information, just success or error on termination. So, in my opinion, the first step would be to extend this API to allow progress information.

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Exactly! That’s what I meant in my post above but you put it into much clearer words. The Nemo plugin and File Browser share a lot of code from its early days that has now evolved in File Browser but bringing both back together is way too much work for me at the moment. Jolla probably won’t do that because File Browser is now GPL 3…