Problems with connecting to Jolla store after update to on Xperia XA2

After recent update to Sailfish on Sony Xperia XA2, a few problems came up:

  1. It doesn’t seem to be able to ever connect to Jolla store, even when checking for system updates. The error is like this:
Problem with Store: General communication problem with store server.

Internet itself works fine though (4G).

  1. Battery life became much worse, draining it way faster than before the update.

Any recommendations on how to fix this?

May be this thread should be moved to bugs section.

Opened thread here: Degraded battery life on XA2 after upgrade to

Looks like it was able to reconnect after I:

  1. Deleted Jolla account.
  2. Recreated Jolla account.
  3. Connected to WiFi.

When not connected to WiFi though (regular 4G connection), Jolla store isn’t working. And system also can’t check for updates.

I remember also before running system update it complained something about ofono-* package possibly causing some problem, but I ignored that. Not sure it it’s relevant.

I think I found another symptom. In my case in Cellular Network settings, it shows constant connecting / limited connectivity back and forth. So possibly something got messed up on the updated related the network after all.

OK, I think I found the culprit. I switched my network from dual to IPv6 and now it’s connecting stably. Not sure why it used to work before but became a problem after the update.