Problem with WEP for WLAN

I use Sailfish about 3 years.
It works well.

Now I have a new Sony XA2 and I have buyed a Sailfish Licence
Device adaption:

I have a connection for a wifi-wlan with WEP (I can’t change it!!)
Now I have a problem:
I can’t give the passwort in HEX-Mode.
The new Sailfish version only allowed ASCII-Mode.
With the old Sailfish Version this was an problem.

Is there a solution?



Please use the template or Bugger!

Where I find the template or the Bugger??

…Mistake in my topic:

With the old Sailfish-Version with my old Intex Aquafish this was NO problem!

It’s strange that you haven’t found the template. It should appear automatically when you set the category to bug reports.

Bugger! Can be found on chum. Have a look at this post.

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OK, this was my mistake!
I have deleted the lines in the template!!
Sorry, sorry!

I open a new topic in the right way.


No, just edit this post.

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