Problem with starting Jolla1

Hi all!

At the beginning of the Jolla road, I bought Jolla1 (Jolla White 16GB EU). Then he was in the closet for several years and I forgot my phone’s unlock code.
How can I reset it now?
I read about Recovery Mode, but via telnet also requires a code.
Please help

Did you already find this question and answer(s)?

It seems to me that these tips concern the new versions of SailfishOS on Xperia, but I have the version OS 1 or 2 (I think) on Jolla1, which probably did not have full encryption of LUKS.
Sending to Finland is too expensive for me :frowning:

Regardless of device/encryption, I’m quite certain you’ll be required to send it to Jolla for flashing unless you can recall your passcode.

You could always drop a mail to Jolla and ask how much it will all cost, that’s if they even offer support/repair for Jolla1 ~ (General enquiries).