Lost security code

I have a sony xperia X II. Now I have forgotten my recurity code. How to reset it?

If I recall correctly, you can’t, if you could, it wouldn’t be secure. You may need to contact Jolla’s zendesk and ask them to reflash it, which means sending the device to them in Finland, at least this is how it worked with the original Jolla device.

If you reflash yourself, I think you may still need to input your device code to complete/start the flash.

With regard to your device lock code, do you know if it is set to unlimited tries?, if it is keep trying as many codes as you can. If not, trying too many times will result in a permenantly locked device.

If I have ANY of the above information wrong according to other users, please chime in and say as much.

Example of a similar/same question from the days of TJC (together.jolla.com), the original Jolla forum;




You can surely reflash it. In principle, it should be possible to break in as security with the official LVM encryption is rather poor. But you should know what you are doing, how to extract encryption data from device and brute-force break it on PC.

Edit: “safely” means here you will loose all your files, configs that are on the device.


Interesting @rinigus.

It’d be good to know the outcome if you do reflash it @eduveau.

@Edz So I follow instructions here ?


There was this guide but I believe it doesn’t work any more because now, the password is asked in recovery mode. Or, did I miss something?

How to: Unlock the encryption of your /home if you don’t know your lock code (Bruteforce)

Yes. But this will erase everything.

I’m not clear on if you’re trying to save data or not… If not, there’s no problem - fastboot will take care of it.

Seems I was wrong and the code could be recovered.
See here, in case.