Private&secure email?

Can someone recommend relatively private and secure email providers that work with sfos email client? My main emails were tutanota which doesn’t work anymore and protonmail with no push notifications. And I really don’t want to use outkook anymore.

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I guess every reputable Hosting Company which offer secured IMAP/SMTP. I use

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edit: In case you are interested

I’m using protonmail as an android app, but I didn’t get it to work with sf email client. Is there a simple way to get it work? From what I read it sounded complicated. I’m neither developer nor experienced with linux so I need somethimg simple at this point.

I used Protonmail for some time abt. 2 years ago. There was, additional to the ‘normal’ mail account you set up in your mail program, an extra app called ‘Protonmail Bridge’ to be installed, that provides local IP addresses for IMAP and SMTP to the ‘normal’ e-mail app. Then, on the mail app, you configure these local addresses for IMAP and SMTP server, and the bridge tunnels them to Protonmail server.
Search on Protonmail homepage for details:


I have two mailboxes: and doesn’t work anymore on Sailfish. is from a small company based in Amsterdam. They are from the same stable as where Fairphone was founded:De Waag. A privacy friendly company. works with the imap/smtp protocol. Also for desktop, with text alteration, like Protonmail. It’s a paid service, now E3,25/month
You can have a domain name.
I use it with Sailfish for years as general email, works well. They have a calendar too.


Maybe or … both Berliner companies. the posteo people are very engaged and support the community (both developers and civil society initiatives). And the people have been at it since the beginning (about).


Paid service means it’s not really private, or do they accept crypto?
Edit wait nvm, they offer ssl/tls not full mailbox encryption totally different offer

secure mail… and


In case of posteo you can create an account anonymously and pay with cash.
For more information see

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How is tax calculated for anonymous cash drop in snailmail?

For payment you get a code. Please read “Country determination” and " How we are required to undertake country determination" under the link above.

You have to give a name one way or another, the cash option is a ghost

I don’t see the moment when I reveal my name.
The mailbox is opened anonymously.
I receive a payment code by email.
I write the code on a piece of paper and put it with €15 in an envelope without a return address.
I send it to Posteo.
They allocate the money to my mail account on the basis of the payment code.

Does 5minute email work or do they validate you through sms? Depends on country in NL you can get sim cards anonymously, in others you need ID, at some point you get ID’d to fulfill US requirements for anti money laundering, using snailmail is a distraction at this point as then would have to refuse transaction without kyc

It is the opposite. Gmail e.g. is free but not privacy safe. Protonmail, Tutanota and are all paid services. Protonmail is the most expensive and Tutanota is the cheapest. You can have a free service to some extent.
Paid for in itself is no guarantee of course. You can search the websites of these three for more information.

Proton has free option that requires no payment in any currency or processor, I thought tutanota had the same

Before you have paid, there is only an account with limited functions.
All necessary information about Posteo can be found at
The site is available in German, English and French.

SoOOO, if you want to manage your own mail, then do that. I’ve been doing that for decades. But I am far from anonymous. So, mail is NOT private, so it’s a moot point. I want strangers to send me mail. And my bank. And my mom.

If I want the correspondence to be private, I encrypt it with pgp.

If one wants a service, I’ve recommended a couple that are ‘decent’. posteo supports gpg in the webmailer (as I understand it) so that’s ‘private’ where the content is concerned.There is no ‘proper’ mail that is anonymous entirely. That’s like expecting DHL or UPS to deliver a mail to ‘somewhere’. I wish we could get our shit straight in this thread. If you want privacy within the extents of the law, there are lots of options. If you want a drop box, build it.


Anon protonmail account is private and secure, you only ever have unencrypted contents locally and no phone number/bank account number needed