Preserve browser address bar

So right now the browser address bar is hiding when I’m scrolling the page, and to get it unhidden I need to scroll up which is something I find not very handy.
Because of this I’m asking if anyone knows how can I make browser always visible - not hidding during scroll so it always stays visible?


Good idea, especially in portrait mode. Is there an option to tweak some config files to check out and test?

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While the main power and idea behind SailfishOS is that App-Content can have the whole Screen-Area without any disturbtion, an additional option can be good for some situations.

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that’s still perfectly valid. App Content, browser is an app and what’s inside of it is an app content cause I assume the address bar is part of the browser, isn’t it?

I see the UI-Elements of an App more as static Navigation-Content.

well sorry but you explicitly said:

that App-Content can have the whole Screen-Area

so don’t go twisting this around. App-Content is everything inside of an app. So the browser has whole screen area and navigation buttons are part of the browser app and not part of the OS.

any news with this one? There must be some way of disabling it. This is really annoying on pages where action buttons are at the bottom. Page stats to flicker sometimes.

I also had the case, sometimes, where I couldn’t click on a button that was on the lowest part of the page.
The address bar could be optionally made permanent, or the page display size could be shrunk/made smaller when rhe address bar is present so that the address bar never hides content when present.

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OK everybody, here it is :slight_smile:
Let me know how do you like it.

@rainemak I know it’s not beautiful but it works and does the job. You could probably make it better.
It would be great if it would go into SFOS without the need to use the patchmanager.


I like the idea - could you use a gesture like long tapping on an existing button or swiping up/down to make it stick/unstick for the session?
I ask because I would rarely need it and because I’m too lazy to look into it myself today…

I can take a look at that but not today.
Tbh then I’d need to add new option also so someone can actually do something like that or maybe it could be always enabled? hmmm

I did some checks, long tap is already taken by “copy url to clipboard”.
Only swiping is left. Never did that and I’m worried that there’s not enough space to handle the mouse move. This will take me some time.