Preserve browser address bar

So right now the browser address bar is hiding when I’m scrolling the page, and to get it unhidden I need to scroll up which is something I find not very handy.
Because of this I’m asking if anyone knows how can I make browser always visible - not hidding during scroll so it always stays visible?


Good idea, especially in portrait mode. Is there an option to tweak some config files to check out and test?

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While the main power and idea behind SailfishOS is that App-Content can have the whole Screen-Area without any disturbtion, an additional option can be good for some situations.

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that’s still perfectly valid. App Content, browser is an app and what’s inside of it is an app content cause I assume the address bar is part of the browser, isn’t it?

I see the UI-Elements of an App more as static Navigation-Content.

well sorry but you explicitly said:

that App-Content can have the whole Screen-Area

so don’t go twisting this around. App-Content is everything inside of an app. So the browser has whole screen area and navigation buttons are part of the browser app and not part of the OS.