I鈥檓 trying to play with the builtin browser but I鈥檓 falling with it :frowning:
Maybe someone knows where in the SFOS browser qml files is located the address/tool bar?
I mean the bottom field that holds the page, back button, url and settings button.
What I found is it looks like it鈥檚 Toolbar.qml but then I can鈥檛 locate where is it animated.
Anyone got any hints?

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I think you can find the qml of the browser in the official SFOS repository sailfish-browser/apps/browser/qml at master 路 sailfishos/sailfish-browser 路 GitHub
I think this is the toolbar:
sailfish-browser/ToolBar.qml at master 路 sailfishos/sailfish-browser 路 GitHub

You can find for example the menu button here. This button is part of the MouseArea. I assume that this is the label of the URL
To examine what an image of a button looks like, the Jolla website can be helpful.

File location on the phone:

find . -name ToolBar.qml 2>/dev/null
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@Edz @Systematics thank you very much for you support but as I mentioned, I found the Toolbar.qml file. What I can鈥檛 find is where is it animated. I鈥檓 trying to find what鈥檚 hiding it when user is moving the page.

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State machine is located here: sailfish-browser/OverlayAnimator.qml at next 路 sailfishos/sailfish-browser 路 GitHub

For debugging purposes it鈥檚 handy to console.trace() on state change.

thank you!
I was looking at the OverlayAnimator also but hmm will dig this more then.
For the console.trace() where the logs will be printed out? Console? Then I need to launch browser from a terminal or some other place?

Logs are printed to journal. You can use pid or exe path to filter it. Also staring from terminal works.

thank you, I鈥檒l check this out!

thanks everything worked.
Please follow this thread :slight_smile:

Apologies for telling you what you already knew with regard to the right file/content鈥鈥檝e slipped back into an old habit of speed reading stuff鈥oh!, time to rewind and read carefully and concisely.

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nah, no worries, happens when we want to quickly reply :slight_smile:

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