Presage-based keyboard available in Chum

For those who are using open-source Presage-based predictive keyboard, the latest version is available in Chum repositories. This includes a fix required for work on SFOS 4.2.


Is the fix also in openrepos?

No, it is not. Feels rather dull to start uploading this large number of RPMs there. So, I haven’t made myself to do so and don’t plan to upload it. Other maintainers of the keyboard may take the time for it, I cannot comment on that.

So, if a person, say me, has presage installed from openrepos, which I have since 3.4, I will have to switch to chum?

I’m not sure I’m d’accord. I mean, I really like the idea of source → repo (git → chum → openrepos) but I’m going to try to keep continuity.

All software maintenance is dull, isn’t it? I only ‘really’ enjoy coding. Which I haven’t had any time for for bloody ages. In. No. Small. Part. Because. Of. Chum?

EDIT: Ps. No stress, I’m just really stressed at the moment and trying to keep 3 deployment mechansims (actuall 4. I try to upload to github, too). in play on top of my day job is becoming a bit much.

Re switching to Chum: if you want it now then yes. I have started discussion on whether cut our losses and drop OpenRepos distribution for the keyboard at . So far, no reply.

As we have dependencies in the compiled plugins (Marisa for example), uploading to OpenRepos would require uploading those as well. Which will end up as having multiple copies of the lib trees all over the place, at least my first impression of it.

After repackaging all the keyboards, databases and dictionaries to make it possible to build them at OBS and testing that it works, I think it is OK to ask users to make a step and

  • add Chum repos
  • run zypper ref && zypper up.
  • check that the packages which have to switch organization are ok and then force update them.

Now whether these packages will appear at OpenRepos depends on:

  • someone will upload them
  • OpenRepos and Chum integration will suddenly go full steam ahead

Let’s see if any of these scenarios will happen.

In principle, given the needs of developers, I agree. Given what users are already faced with, I’m skeptical. I’m going to reach out to Basil to see if I can help him. As it happens, I’ve done drupal stuff in the past, so I may actually be able to support him.

In the long run, chum has to feed harbour.