[POLL] Do you want apps improved or a stable base system?

What would you like Jolla to focus on:

  • Making an operating system that’s stable and secure
  • Improving apps like the browser and such

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Personally, I’d be fine using community developed apps and APK’s and get a secure base-system in turn (see comment). With this thread I’d like to find out what the community sentiment is.

Be sure to leave your comment!

(not an official poll)

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Do you want polls to be polls?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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“Be sure to leave your comment”

Another pointless poll.


Why is that?

If it turns out I am alone I will go on and just accept that my SF use is totally different from the rest.

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What we want makes no difference to what we get from Jolla, we don’t decide, we don’t pay the bills.

It’s only an opinion, one formed over the last 8 years of hanging around SFOS.

I’m sure people will vote one way or another, but that’s because they don’t understand the end game.


Thanks for the hint. Done.

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The main issues with SFOS at this point are old packages and restrictions. Mainly Qt and a compositor that doesn’t support wayland properly and then are the shop/api restrictions that make things even worst.

Until those get sorted -by jolla- the OS cant move forward and become as awesome as it could be.

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Do you want polls to contain a false dichotomy?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I had to look up dichotomy

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… sorry about that - but I don’t quite see the point in asking something like this. Most users will expect both, and it isn’t that they are exclusive.


They kind of are since if the platform is easy to build upon (and maybe open) users fill in the gaps.

I’d like a stable base system AND I’d like to improve my apps. The former, sometimes, predicates the latter.

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I like both, too, but stability of base system is more important, as the term ‘base system’ expresses.

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I would update the OP to clarify, but I am reluctant as that might reset the poll:

There are certain “apps” that are part of the base system - i.e. what makes a phone a phone - for example calls, contacts and their synchronization.

There are other things that are not essential and do not have to be re-invented over and over again, since good solutions with active developers already exist - web browsers, for example.

… sorry about that - but I don’t quite see the point in asking something like this. Most users will expect both, and it isn’t that they are exclusive.

Sure, they aren’t. But as we all know, Jolla isn’t as big a company as Google or Apple and so setting priorities will be inevitable at times. So why not give them an idea what the community prefers, so they can make an informed decision?

I think the base OS is stable enough at this moment.
What I think:

  • SFOS is not a competent alternative for Android/iOS because of the lack of advanced features can be found in both of these mainstream OSes. Feature an average user expect from an average smartphone in 2021 aren’t available on SFOS right now.
  • Even system packages are outdated sometimes.
  • SFOS isn’t even competent as a general purpose ARM-compatible Linux OS. Raspberry OS has waay more packages ready to install and use on their official repo. Jolla Store is extremely limited and even Storeman is limited not to mention using two different storefront for the same damn thing can be confusing for a newcomer and it is not very convenient in the first place.
    Okay I see, these are not direct competition to each other, but still on the technical side SFOS is an ARM-based Linux OS, I would expect it to behave like that. I can’t see SFOS versions for any of the popular Linux apps out there.

SFOS tries to be both a competent smartphone OS and a general purpose Linux as well, but they fail to deliver any of these demands.
PinePhone with either Plasma Mobile or Phosh seems like a better solution for a full fat Linux, and Android or iOS seems like a better solution as a smartphone-focused OS.

SFOS’ main selling point is to be privacy focused. Isn’t PinePhone delivering the very same thing with Manjaro? Apple is very privacy oriented too, but with a higher price tag not everyone would afford.

  • Oh, and 3rd party community apps are mostly very low quality. So it would be really great if Jolla would provide more and more 1st and 2nd party apps to keep the UX good enough.
    I could count all high quality apps from the Jolla App store with one hand seriously.

Yeah, sure, with unlimited amount of money and all kinds of other resources one can have a stable system, great apps, wonderful own hardware and whatnot, and all that at the same time. Of course. Why not.