Please add function for automatic power saving mode

Please add function to Settings/System/System/Battery:

Automatic Energy saving mode after x minutes of inactivity. (with a possibility to enter the wished number of minutes or choosing of some predefinited values).

It’s contrapoductive that a full charged phone, that lies on some place while nobody does anything with it, does not enter the power saving mode but senseless discharges the battery.

Presently there’s only possible to automatically activate the power saving mode depending on the accu charge level (20%, 15%, 10%, 5%, off), or set manually until next time charger is connected. Automatic activating after some minutes of user inactivity, detected by absence of user interaction, would increase battery life easily.


@Seven.of.nine You could try Situations, also if i didn’t find the UI really user friendly, there you can apply rules. To f. ex. turn of mobile network if WIFI is connected and so on. But i think its not maintained anymore, a pity cause if it would be prettied up a bit and made it more simple to add rules, it could be really helpful :slight_smile:

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It’s a good idea and I would appreciate it.

There is even more potential to save energy. My favorite features with BBOS 7 were:

  • to switch the phone completely off and on at certain times
  • to automatically switch flight mode on and off at certain times

Very useful for phones that are used exclusively for business purposes. Quiet after work until the next start of work. The on-off function was integrated into the operating system. Additional apps only work when the device is switched on.

Auto ON / OFF in particular reduced consumption to 0 - 0.2% overnight and ensured peace and quiet. A set alarm worked anyway. Such useful functions are completely absent from current phones.

Here’s how I use Situations to power save and be quiet overnight:

Three Situations:

Basic “Sleep” setup (NB: careful with do-not-disturb mode, it will turn OFF alarms!!)

Powersave when charger not connected (powersaving and charging don’t mix):

Flight mode when display is not in use (so flight mode is not activated while doing some late-night internetting).

I am very familiar with situations from my old Nokia, but it’s not the same. Auto ON / OFF with BBOS means that the device is really completely off. This can only be achieved by combining hardware and software. I don’t know of any modern device that can do that. This requires an independent, buffered clock with calendar and a special hardware layout. Situations is just an app. However, any function that relieves the battery is welcome.

If the phone completely switches off and on controlled by clock, the SIM PIN must be switched off. Otherwise the phone hangs on SIM PIN input when switching on again. I consider this not as a good idea. But clock controlled switching to flight mode could be a way.

Note that from command line you can select any percentage value, e.g.

mcetool --set-psm-threshold=100 --set-power-saving-mode=enabled

means power save mode gets activated whenever charger is disconnected.

Power save mode tweaks phone behaviour when the device is in use / handling background synchronization / whatnot - and atm the savings are rather limited.

From idle power consumption point of view: inactivity leads to display dimming and blanking. After which the device gets suspended → whether psm is use/active or not does not matter and power consumption is order of magnitude smaller than what power save mode can accomplish.

[But turning radios off etc according to some kind of schedule as suggested in other comments would lead to further reduction in power consumption.]

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