Picked up a Jolla Phone 1 for cheap on eBay, pin locked

Picked up a second JP1 for 10 bucks as it was in need of a reset and the seller didn’t have the know how to get it into recovery mode.

Unfortunately it’s pin locked (but not bootloader locked) and the seller doesn’t have the pin for it so I’m unable to get into the shell.

I’ve done some research and as far as I can tell, there was once a way to reflash it via fastboot to bring it back to stock but it looks like any OG images have been lost in the last decade.

Does anyone know of a way to get it back into a factory fresh state or am I SoL with this device and moving on to flashing PMOS on it?

Might want to try some of the things mentioned here:

Good luck!

You have purchased a £10 paper weight.

No lock code, no flashing.

You could always contact Jolla directly and ask them if they can flash it back to stock, bearing in mind that the Jolla1 is no longer supported.

Personally, I’d say you are most certainly,“SoL”. (sh!t outta luck) <–I had to look that up! :grin:

On what Software Version is it?