Phone Number Blacklist

I have a phone number, which is called very often by strangers. There is no possibility to blacklist unknown phone numbers which are unwanted or contacts which you want to block.
This is a basic function and unfortunately necessary in this day and age.

In the phone app in the history you could add a “block” option when you press on the phone number.


Already requeste waaay back, but maybe some interesting info here


Thanks I have installed the app.
I hope this function was not forgotten(since 2013) it seems so. The devices are phones, such a basic function should definitely be there, even if only in basic.
5000 improvements since Sailfish 3, but not something like this…we continue to hope

Another possible way:
Personal Ringtones by coderus

This is one of the most needed apps for SFOS - giving the basic functionality of special ringtones to individuals / family / friends / co-workers…almost like on the old Nokia handsets (exept for the missing groups…so giving ringtones one by one).

Nice side effect:
There you can mute the calls of defined callers.
Worked for me in the past…

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I hope this feature will be added soon.
No need to be harassed everyday and keep our privacy


Yes, this is the main thing that bothers me about SFOS. Continuous calls by call centers who always make the same proposals, or by pirate numbers who hang up immediately and draw credit if recalled.

As @rgrnetalk already said above:
already requested (and way befire on TJC):

So I guess this should be closed or we will clutter up and have lots of same requests in different topics with some useful answers spread all over…

Waiting for a real block list I’ve created my own “workaround”.
I created a new contact named Don’t Answer and now I link all those unwanted numbers to that contact. That way I don’t answer by mistake and can choose to dismiss the calls.

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Nice idea!
(never -not even know- what linking really does)

But still you would get disturbing call/sms notifications, right?
But maybe together with coderus’ personal ringtone app one could also assign empty mp4 as ringtone?

No need to assign one empty ringtone file. You can actually set contacts to mute (‘no ringtone’) in coderus’s personal ringtones app.
I have a small collection of annoying caller numbers set that way and wasn’t bothered by them ever since :slight_smile:

aarch64 of personal ringtones would be very much appreciated.
phone-wise personal ringtones is the most important piece of software for SFOS - it’s crucial for usability.

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@peterleinchen @tobset That’s what I call development. :wink:

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After testing I found that muting with coderus’s personal ringtones app don’t work by contact, but by phone number, so it’s still kind of cumbersome.