Phone audio gone but recording and music are ok

This is at least surprising.
I had a phone call and had no sound any more.
The other side doesn’t hear me either.
So, no speaker (small nor handsfree speaker) and no mic.

The surprising is that I perfectly can listen to music or record sound.
This would indicate that hardware is ok.

To notice:
The phone had a small shock yesterday.
I bought and used a new BT speaker yesterday.

But why only phone?

I dd restored the rootfs+home partition from a backup (mmcblk0p76) but the problem remains.
I reflashed SFOS and had the same result.

Gonna flash Android to see if some kinda file has been damaged somewhere else.
But before that, any suggestion?

Ooof, phone not broken.

Will you believe it?
I reflashed Android and the phone functions work normally.
Does this mean that something was broken somewhere else than on the partitions that SFOS rewrites during flashing?

Any idea what can cause this?

What about this:

I also encounter the same situation. I restart the system every time. This problem existed in early versions.

Thanks, I didn’t find those topics.
Unfortunately, double reboot didn’t solve for me.
But I’ll try the commands provided if it happens again.