[Patchmanager] PSA about a small bug in "incompatible" patch handling

Hi all,

I wanted to make you aware that a recent change in Patchmanger (v3.2.6) regarding the setting to allow “incompatible” patches has a small bug.

If you have never enabled “Allow incompatible Patches” (known as “Developer Mode” in older versions), you can stop reading here, you are not affected.

If you had this enabled, do this:

  • Open Patchmanager
  • Go to the Settings page
  • Disregard the value of the “Version Check” setting, its display is wrong
  • Tap it and set it to the other available parameter.
  • Then set it back to the one you want.
  • go out of Settings, go in again and confirm the correct option is set still.

After that PM should act normally.

Sorry for any confusion, grief, or vomiting unicorns that bug, or this solution, have caused.


Adding to this, another, related bug in the current version (3.2.7) makes downloading “incompatible” patches from the web catalog a pain.

What happens is that for the Web Catalog page, the meaning of “Version Checking” setting is reversed. So if you’re bitten by this, set that setting to “Strict”, download/install the patch(es) you want, then switch it back to (be able to) apply the new ones.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it’s all my fault.

A fix has been committed and should turn up in in the next release.


Looking forward to the next version, applying and installing patches is a bit annoying at the moment :smiley: Thank you all for your awesome work!

One could write a patchmanager patch to patch patchmanagers patch management! :wink:


You just need to download all patches at once and then change setting to apply them. It’s all about workflow and planning ahead :grin:


Note that I created a new release (v3.2.8), released for testing at GitHub and SailfishOS:Chum:Testing.

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