Partition resize of SailfishOS

I want to resize the partition tables of SailfishOS to allow 4GB of / and still be able to maintain a properly working device (granted, I don’t mind this if I can have my Android_storage on an SD card). Most of my important stuff is on the android_storage, so migrating that to the SD card (even if I have to re-link it later is fine). If I could move the entirety of /home and just link the paths to /dev/mmcblk0 that’d be fine as well…

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I just feel like the 2Gb / partition fills up way too fast.

Did you take a look here

and following up to

and herein head to


If I make these modifications, can a system update still happen properly?

Oh yes.
And especially -if / is quite full- it only can happen with this modification

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So, to recap, I should be able to move my /home to my SD and expand my / partition to fill the main eMMC?

If this wasn’t my main SFOS device, I’d already be doing it…

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I’ve expanded / of my X and X10. Works great.
Do the linked articles talk about moving /home to sd? At some point having ring tones & alarms in sd caused problems because sd was mounted at a bit late state during booting (iirc).


I’m not sure, since I’m still actively using this XA2, I can’t test it personally…

don’t know the partition sizes on X & X10, but it is probably not needed to move /home to SD card. you can always symlink parts of it, if needed, and keep the main home on internal storage.


Sorry if I hijack this a little Rinigus - I want to install Flatpak and I don’t have enough space on my XA2Ultra.

Resizing seems a little beyond my abilities…would it make a difference if I reflashed the phone to sfos4? Current install is upgraded to 4 from 3.2. TIA

have you used --user while installing flatpak? user data seems to be sufficient. So, it seems you forgot that argument from docs.

I just copypasted, so it seems unlikely…I’ll try again, thanks

…I probably opened the terminal session as root. Anyway, installed ok now, thanks.

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