Paid apps in Jolla Store

I know there’s a similar post already, but I believe that Jolla needs to make the ability for paid apps a priority for the Store. Enabling this feature will allow for the accelerated growth of Sailfish by providing a tangible incentive for developers to target a new market that competes with Apple and Google.

You can’t succeed in an international market when all you offer are free applications and no path for income. I understand they this is a complex problem in terms of finance and regulation, but the effort is worth it.


Why this double posting?

To many apps are useless and not worth a cent. Sailfishos user used to try and test new apps first and decide then about a donation. Is in your app a link for donating you? Add this. Or offer additional services behind a paywall.

Creating free open source apps is a proven way of success. See Wikipedia, Openstreetmap, Libre Office and many more.

Further discussion here


It isn’t double posting (well, sort of). First, I recognized that there was a similar post and linked to it (as did you). Second, the post I linked to was similar, but not the same idea. That post focused to finding ways to support developers through some third party solution.

To many apps are useless and not worth a cent.

Let the market decide that. If no one wants to pay for them, then no one will pay for them.

I’m trying to avoid the middleman and pass the savings on to you: that is, have Jolla itself play a more central role in the finances of application development and software sales. I don’t think that creating ad hoc and byzantine donation schemes to attempt to eke out payments to developers is a good long term solution. Short term and stopgap, maybe, but not long term. Plus, donation schemes avoid providing Jolla any income. With a paid Store model, Jolla has an opportunity to charge a modest fee (perhaps flat rate, or percentage, I’ll leave that to others to decide), but in a donation model Jolla gets nothing and is has less incentive and growth.

I understand that Jolla has been avoiding this for years because of the overhead, regulation, and cost involved with setting up an online Store with multiple payment systems…but this is long enough. This is time to move forward – in business, if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. Jolla cannot grow without strongly considering this course of action.

People need to take this seriously.