Developer Financial Support

Hey everyone! I was wondering if there is a place to financially support or give a monetary incentive for developers to create new native apps. I love Sailfish, but I seldom see many new apps that are good replacements for Android ones.

If there is such a place, please lmk. If not, maybe we can start something here :slight_smile:


You can hire them eg. here:


More then money your practically help can be useful. Especially for really native sailfishos apps, not for a copy of a xxx android app. You can provide ideas, use stories, test results and - always welcome - your appreciation.


FYI, most Developers that actually want donations have made that clear in their Openrepos profiles by integrating a paypal donation button.
Since paypal is not to everyone’s satisfaction, i advise to get in contact with the dev you like to donate to and ask for a way.
Worked out many times for me.

Still, a micropayment like “shared pot” would be a great thing imo.
Only it is a really complicated matter to set up obviously and i do not see a party that would be able to invest the time to do so.

3 Likes is also a recent option. It’s just that it’s difficult to get the necessary volume of contributing individuals, so it wouldn’t be so prohibitively expensive for each.


@lkraav Interesting. Maybe we could get enough traction and support

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I was wondering if creating patreon is good idea and still idk but something to consider maybe, instead of one time donation, donations over time which might enable devs to use some paid apis


Another option might be