Overview of SailfishOS (with some patches) on the F(x)tec Pro1 hwkb phone

The successful Indiegogo campaign for the F(x)tec Pro1x ends in 40 hours, and I got some feedback that the humble videos below have been helpful for people before deciding whether they’d purchase one or not, so I thought it might be useful to have them posted here too for the SFOS community. I’m not very active here, I’m more a TMO or TJC user, so I hope that’s fine to post videos here, else please just delete the post.

The device is currently available at 527€ ($639) plus shipping (EU VAT included) if you get the “secret” XDA perk that the token in this URL unlocks. That is less than a Pro1, and to me after one year of use, this device is a worthy successor of the N900. Shipping planned for March 2021.

There are two videos. One shows what can be done with LXC containers running full Linux desktop environments within SailfishOS:

The other compares Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS (so far still my favorite). You all know SFOS very well but it can be nice to see how well it works on Pro1, and compare with an alternate Mobile Linux OS:

Hopefully this helps getting a better idea of the quality of the community port made by TheKit, Piggz and MisterMagister for the Pro1.

I am not sponsored and my history on TMO or TJC shows I just am an early user and have been following that since it was just a distant project.


Those videos are really tempting. If there only was a decent LCX-Android container as AlienDalvik does it on official devices.

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thanks for sharing those videos @Kabouik, really nice!

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I’m really enthusiastic about this new device. Just ordered one :-). Where can I get the community version for the pro1 X?
Does anybody know, whether there is an official SailfishOS support with Alien Dalvik planned for this device? When?
Pro1 (x) with an official SailfishOS - release including adroid Support would be the ultimate SailfishOS device in my eyes.

You can find a wiki about Sailfish on the Pro1(x) on TJC, a thread on TMO where other resources are linked, and also some active groups on Telegram and Discord. I recommend you give the Discord group a try (even if meh Discord) because it’s very active and is full of info and tweaks, for Sailfish but also for the Pro1 in general. It is easy to get help there thanks to the number of active and enthusiastic users.

There is no official SailfishOS port planned as far as I know, but that is sad because there is probably not much to do. The quality of the port is on par with that of official Sailfish X devices, and the SOC of the Pro1 is similar to some official devices too, which would probably make it relatively easy for Jolla to port the proprietary software that come with paid licences, with little need for extra support from them (compared to, say, the Planet Computers Gemini, because that one has its own issues related to its form factor, keyboard and SOC, while Sailfish works almost perfectly on the Pro1).


agreed - I used SFOS on a Pro1 for some time (and eventually sold it because the form factor was not for me), but the port done by Adam, Michal and the other folks is absolutely wonderful!