Opening email from notifications does not mark it as read (papercut))

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID: 3.3.x
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): All
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Its been like this for a long time


When you tap on an email notification the mail you get to from there isn’t marked as read




  1. Get to your notifications
  2. Tap on an email
  3. You get to the email


The email you read is marked as read


The email isn’t marked as read


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I just wanted to test that behaviour on my phone but it just says

Email is not responding

… for minutes, literally, and afterwards it flags the account with “Could not update”. This is persistent for about 10 hours now, with different (working) network connections and with three different mail accounts.

The Mail app has never been as broken as with 3.3. :frowning:

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Mail app still says Could not update on its cover, but seems to have recovered (home screen says all accounts are up to date). I entered the Inbox of an account with recent new mail. Then, I tapped on an email from this account on the events view. Mail app loads that mail OK and marks it as read.

It took me half an hour to reproduce your report’s test case, opening mail from the notification banner. Updating the accounts from the cover did not work, I got a couple of Email is not responding messages (again, for minutes each), but after I finally tricked it into showing a notification, I can confirm: it was not marked as read.

To be fair: this has not yet occured to me.
Sometimes a mail will not get marked as read but mainly/only when I swipe back too fast (under 2-3 s). But notification is gone always.

by any chance, do you have Amazfish installed? I know that up till last version, it messed up with notifications.

Although not exactly like that, sometimes when I click on the notifications and open the email it isn’t counted as read immediately. But in my observations, it does change state after a few seconds (or minutes in some cases). Wonder if the network has to do anything with it.

I have the same issue, it happens to me sometimes, not always.