Open vpn routing issue

Thank you very much! I will read a bit further and play around a bit once I find the time :slight_smile:

Hi! I hadn’t paid attention to this thread but I also had a lot of problems with OpenVPN since 3.2 (c.f. TJC thread)

On my side, if I only set the routes as “User routes” in the GUI, browser traffic doesn’t go through the VPN.
If I set routes only in the config file, there is no traffic at all in the browser.

What currently works for me is, in the .ovpn file:


And in the GUI: / / / /

With this setup, when I look at the “Details” of the connection, I see 2 additional “User route” and 2 additional “Server route”, and web traffic goes correctly through the VPN

I ended up with this config after many unsuccessful tries and I have to admit that I didn’t take enough time to understand deeply how it is supposed to be configured, please let me know if you see something obviously wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

This is exactly the setting I did except for a different gateway.

Edit: I didn’t set any dedicated server routes, just the push redirect -gateway settings mentioned above.