Bind mount (link) SFOS-file-system /system/etc/hosts into the Aliendalvik lxc container

Hi @Jolla,

only now I got reminded that the “Android hosts file” /system/etc/hosts" in the SFOS native file system does not get bind mounted into the aliendalvik container.
So any efforts to get some IP blocking done are going to /dev/null for Android applications in a new SFOS install. One would need to manually edit /var/lib/lxc/aliendalvik/extra_config with
lxc.mount.entry = /etc/hosts system/etc/hosts none bind,ro 0 0

I got reminded here by @sigurg. Pointing to the (information cluttered environment of TJC) besides FSO.

Harbour-defender relied on that modification (done so long ago by me manually I forgot about it).
And as well all other people trying to add some blocking to the Android side.


Since Android support is at version 10, would it be beneficial to edit DNS to a private one like, perhaps?


You mean similar to this?

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Yeah, that’s what I meant. It seems to work well when it comes to blocking ads in Android.