One Hand Usage accessibility improvements

Hi there,
so after some time I gave Sailfish OS another look using Xperia 10.
Great that finally there’s encryption!
That’s one of a big step forward in the right direction.
Yet when I saw acceptance dialog of application permission I was disgusted ):
The problem I had was inability to use one hand to just cancel or confirm it. Not to say that the dialog was expanded and glued to the top of the phone.
This is a real no go and require user to use second hand to operate.
The web browser is similar, the address bar is at the bottom - great but initial screen shows the address bar at the top - nope, this is bad, please move it to the bottom.
The same is valid for applications in the menu and actually running aps on the home screen. Everything is glued to the top of the screen.
Please I beg you, just arrange it starting from the bottom. It’s that simple really. And the problem will be solved.
Sailfish has a great pulley menu which is a huge accessibility bonus for one hand usage. It’s a shame that other places missing the same where it’s just very little to change this and make another step.
please consider above hints which will be huge improvement on big phones especially as we have no alternative like a small phone.

I almost forgot - great that HD Voice is working!