Olive goes shopping thread

General thread for app: Olive goes shoppin’: https://openrepos.net/content/pawelspoon/olive-goes-shopping

Github defects and issues are not used at all (maybe due to lack of accounts for standard users == non-devs)
Comments on openrepos are not great either.

Please add your find issues, ideas etc. here in this thread.
I would be also very interested in the way you are using the app.

I am using it mainly as a task list and in fact a shopping and a task list application do have a lot in common, however if you are searching for an tasklist, you might also want to check out this: https://openrepos.net/content/armadillo/tasklist

  • has multiple tasklists
  • can reset all done tasks
  • supports dates
    highly recommended

I love this app! :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, IMHO, a shopping / task list needs to sync with either exchange tasks or better DAV, so my wife and I can add up to it on different devices.
What is really missing, for any business use, is a syncable notes and tasks app, preferably all within one app with mail and calender. Business heavily relies on full exchange services.

thank you very much !

thanks for the post.

TaskList does support dropbox. And as far as i am informed there is a task app that supports own/nextcloud on openrepos. Maybe you want to look into that ?

Regarding Olive:
data is currently stored in sqlite db file. For pure backup you could use tools like syncthing and backup the whole database.

Regarding sharing:
i was thinking to extend share functionality and to allow import of a shared shopping list into an second app instance, with add / override … that would be manageable effortwise.

To rewrite / extend app to support nextcloud / files … is currently just too much effort for me. If somebody else wants to do that …

Hi Pawel, thanks a lot for your reply. Your apps are fantastic so far. Syncing the db would really be a good idea. Nextcloud is indeed a lot of effort, I am still working on my own server to work flawlessly.

Regarding a full task compatiple exchange app: I think that is something that is already done in Aurora OS. Not that I have any proof, but companies need that. Would be great from Jolla to bring more business features to Sailfish X.


with this https://openrepos.net/content/6uvnpr/sailsync-owncloud
i was able to backup my database files, i did not tried to restore them though :slight_smile:

the database is located in
home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-olive-goes-shopping/harbour-olive-goes-shopping/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases …

so i did setup a path from



the sync did then create the Databases subfolder and uploaded the ini and sqlite files

it has a once a day sync / unfortunately at 0:00, maybe one could extend it to make the time adjustable …

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My copy of Olive goes shopping said ‘update available’ and so i tried to update.
But it didn’t work, after abt 5 minutes waiting it stopped and reports again ‘update available’.

Same problem with ‘Code reader’ app. Is there a known problem with Jolla store? Does anyone know?

Maybe connection issues, maybe openreoos was down … Would either retry or report to storeman develooer. Or download manually

ups just saw: you did mention jolla store.
then forget my talks about storeman …
now and then it happens. but i did not update olive since a week plus in jolla store and seldom do

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Surely no connection issues, i checked this first. How can I download from storeman?

do you use jolla store only ? then you have retry
if you do also use openrepos.net then you can use storeman
storeman should be in jolla store
if not, then download it too from openrepos.net
you will have to enable installs from untrusted sources btw.

but just google for it.
together.jolla.com should have threads.

i am hurry now so sorry.

you can also google for openrepos and ollive and you will the the page where you can download the packages directly…

I tried so, but strange things happend…

  1. could not find storeman in Jolla store. Searching for either storeman or store brings a few results containing this string, but no storeman.
  2. Jolla Store -> my apps -> actualisation available says update for Olive & Code Reader is available.
  3. Then tried to update, for 5 minutes ‘waiting for update’, after this, the message ‘you have the actual version’ appeared for both apps.
  4. Back to the app list -> actualisation available for Olive & Code (again)

So I assume a temporary problem with the store?.. can this be? (I better wait a few days before trying again)

Link to storeman


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