Official support for Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G phone including Android?

Planet Computers, the same company that made the Gemini PDA, are currently building a 5G slider called “Astro Slide”. This will be a 5G-phone with full keyboard; it is the closest thing to an N900 replacement I have seen in many years, so I really want one. If this device would have Sailfish, it would be a full pocketable Linux phone with a hardware keyboard for some proper hacking on the go.

So, the question is: Are Sailfish in discussion with Planet Computers about official Sailfish support for the Astro Slide? I, like so many others, must have full Android support to be able to have a phone as my main device, so Android support is a requirement. This makes official, full Sailfish support the only Linux distribution that will work for me. Yes, I am prepared to pay (quite substantially) for a supported Sailfish install on an Astro Slide.


Idea is great, same as FxTec Pro1

6.53 inches
No thanks!

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well, Planet Computers are promising a lot. If I were Jolla, I would not do any business with them for hundreds of reasons. I have a cosmo communicator, it is soooo aweful in every way, mostly support, security glitches (tough ones, running code over ota) etc.

Well, I wanted to like Cosmo Communicator, but it’s just way too bulky (and I do have big palms). I ran into Astro Slide yesterday, and after a good night sleep, joined the Indiegogo campaign. Let’s hope the device lives up to its marketing… And official Sailfish OS release, too!