Official support for Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G phone including Android?

The Astri Slide newsletter this morning had some very interesting piece of news: There is now a preliminary UBports build in existence, and the kernel sources and bootloader are available:

Another great news is that the production of Finnish/Swedish keyboard has started!


Waydroid doesn’t seem possible on the Gemini due to missing kernel modules (backport) but may be feasible on the Astroslide.

I am not very interested in Waydroid. I need a Linux phone with well integrated Android. As far as I can tell, the only option is Sailfish + AppSupport. I can not understand why Jolla want to limit AppSupport to the Sony devices alone? Why not sell AppSupport for open source Sailfish integrations? Either that, or do an official Sailfish port for the Astro that includes AppSupport?

That is very good news! Now things just need to move on the Sailfish side as well!

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A dedicated distro for the astroslide would rather not pay off…

I am not sure that is the case. We aren’t talking about redesigning Sailfish from scratch here, it is only the adaptation to a new hardware platform. Unix is originally designed for high portability so most of the OS remains the same. This is what libhybris is about and the foundation of Sailfish. Besides Jolla kan probably leverage help from the community for a device like this.