OBS targets update as a part of release process

With the every Sailfish OS release, external developers are facing a wait for addition of corresponding targets in https://build.sailfishos.org/ . As a result, updates of the unofficially ported devices are delayed, applications using OBS for building cannot be updated. This is not an optimal development experience. Hence the proposal:

  • Please integrate public OBS target updates into SFOS release workflow

I am sure you have some TODO list that has to be checked before the final release is released. So, please consider OBS target updates not as something that can be “fixed” after the release is done.

At the moment of writing:


Any updates on aarch64 target?

While not OBS, I wrote tbuilder to automate builds for complicated projects. It is used for Sony Tama port (aarch64), maps apps, flatpak support. On my side, I will probably keep OBS for supporting older SFOS versions, but stop using OBS for newer projects.


I’m working on updating our releasing docs and I promise to put pushing to the community OBS into them :slight_smile:


Hi @lbt, i think the 4.4 build targets are not pushed yet to OBS, but the public release of 4.4 has already been rolled out. It would be very nice to get the OBS build targets updated. Thanks!

Seems to be done now. Thanks!