Now tablets are a thing again.... Is there any interest from the porting community?

Really just wondering if there is any nascent interest in SFOS tablets that might be rekindled now that there has been a renaissance in new non-landfill-android devices…

Devices like the these:-

Xiaomi Pad 5 - unlockable bootloader and standard Snapdragon SoC:

Realme Pad - Mediatek Helio G80:

Nokia T20 - Unisoc T610:

“Android Enterprise Recommended” - indicate a long sales life?

Honor Tablet V7 - MediaTek Kompanio 900T:


I would certainly like having a tablet running SFOS :slight_smile:


Me too! With Android support, so I can read the Guardia, other newspapers and articles on it.
I would prefer a Nokia, for recently with Xiaomi there were doubts concerning safety.


We could import a batch of Inoi T8 Tablets from Russia. The only problem is probably, that they are not CE certified and though illegal to be imported. But also the specs are not that interesting anymore seen the Android-tablets you can find on the market

Otherwise i am really eager for the Pinetab, but apparently Pine64 has problems in purchasing components this why the release date has been changed to Q4/21 or Q1/22 :frowning:


I’d prefer something with official support as long as its not a half baked product. And we need features like flawless pen support.


If Jolla can support officially a tablet (or release one) that’ll be great.
Many of the bugs and issues we have with SFOS are related to smartphone-centric issues: phone calls, MMS, calendar and sync, etc.
As most use cases of tablets aren’t around these things, it might be a better overall experience.


Perhaps a new Xperia Tablet is incoming:

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I have a Sone Xperia Compact Tablet Z3 (iirc) and it’s stuck at, uh, 3.4? I would love to have Sony release an AOSP compatible tablet and Jolla supporting it officially!

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I don’t think it’s really for a tablet, but such commit looks very promising :

(spoiler, it’s to advertise the presence of a mouse to the application layers)

Perhaps the Hisense A7cc It’s 6.7inch eink screen.

I would love to have an eink screen, to get continuous on screen for ebook and maps in particular.
The challenge being to get the special eink screen drivers into the sfos android.

[btw there are also the older A5C and A6L(6" dual screen) both with qualcomm chips, that can be rooted]


haha! a kobo sage running jolla would be smashing!