Not waking the screen on when receiving a notification

Is there a way to implement that the screen stays asleep when one receives the notification? I know it will stay off if I activate No delay in the Automatic locking section, but if I set it to anything else, the screen with light up with every new notification. I am sorry if I created a similar thread. Feel free do delete it if it already exists.


To be on the safe side:
with other settings you mean a time after which the display should be locked, right?
And you see the screen light up after that time frame? You need to unlock?

Or did you mean ‘not used’ then you may be tricked (same as me) by this

Else I would see this as a bug and you should file it as such.

What I meant is I wouldn’t like my screen to be turned on every time I receive some messages, regardless of the settings and applications (I only need it to wake up when I receive a phone call, ofc).

Such an option is not implemented.

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I know. That is why I posted it in the design section, as a preposition for Jolla to implement it if possible.

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Uh, I see. Design = change requests & features. My fail.

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