Device lock: With disable automatic locking no code required on device start

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): No


The automatic locking setting for the device lock has unintuitive behaviour. When device lock is enabled, certain setting changes require the code, as well as unlocking the device upon boot and after a certain time of inactivity. With the automatic locking setting set to Not in use I assume this refers to the inactivity only, but it also disable the code prompt on upon boot.



  1. Activate device lock in settings.
  2. Set automatic locking to Not in use.


Device asks for device lock code upon boot.


Device does not ask for device lock code upon boot.


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Device asks for your security code during boot because of encryption.

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Oh dear :frowning:
And as if this not worse enough;
if you set ‘automatic unlocking’ to ‘not in use’ you also cannot lock the device manually via double-pressing the power button!

maybe this (OP) was one of the reasons I tweaked my settings to have 4h possibility?

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The setting “Automatic locking” is related to locking up the touch screen (only) while the other parts of the device lock are not affected by this setting. Hence the value “Not in use” prevents the locking of the touch screen - also the double press of the Power key (nor the lock symbol at Top Menu) does not (seem to) lock up the screen with that option in effect.

I agree that the way how the Power key and the Top Menu work with “Not in use” may be a defect as the two are clearly manual actions. Hence the value of “automatic” locking should not affect them…

When “Not in use” is in effect, the rest of the device lock functions keep working. Hence, you will need to confirm the changes to allowing remote connections, enabling untrusted software and unlocking the encryption while restarting the phone.

The phrases used in Settings > Device lock are not clear (in my opinion). They do not really explain the distinction between the touch screen lock and the actual device lock. Jolla customer care has tried to explain the Device lock feature in this help article.


Hmm, makes sense what you say.
But I needed to read it twice/thrice and then that on zendesk :nerd_face:

That would need a re-design of the security tab of settings!

And I would guess a reboot is a sensitive action which should fall under the ‘standard’ device lock funtionality!

(furthermore, maybe I did not get it right but- the normal lock symbol from top menu should and does not cause device lock, only after the desired timeout, but double-power button should/does immediately)

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