No sound during normal (GSM) calls - both parties can't hear each other

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 50%
BUILD ID:, Device Adaptation
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): XA2 Dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


There is no clear way to reproduce the error, however every now and then there is no sound during calls from the earphone or the loudspeaker. (Haven’t tried with headphones). The other party can not hear me either, it is like everything is on mute.
On the other hand Android apps like WhatsApp and Soundcloud work normally for calls or music. Also native apps like Received radio work ok and you can hear music from the loudspeaker.




  1. Call someone


Place a phonecall and speak with someone


Both sides are muted and can’t hear each other.


Reboot doesn’t help. The only way to recover from this situation is to run in terminal pkcon install pulseaudio and then reboot the phone. If you don’t reboot there is no change in the situation.


I seem to remember such question on TJC.
Did you search over there?

(and it happpened once to me but a reboot solved it afair)

I’ve found that if I take the SIM card out and restart a couple times, it eventually restores full functionality. I’ve also found this happens more when traveling and changing cell phone networks or to areas without signal and then back in.


Yes, you do remember correctly there are several similar questions but not 100% the same. After digging through similar articles from TJC I tried the “pkcon install pulseaudio” workaround which was mentioned for a different type of audio problem and I have been using it as a “solution” over the last few months. However given the fact that this problem can occur at random and there is no warning or any other indication that it is there in order to fix it until when you try to use the phone, I raised it as a bug on this new platform so it may get some visibility… It takes a few minutes to restore the functionality after the terminal + the reboots which makes the phone quite unusable as a phone. Every time you place or receive a call you go through the exciting (?) phase of “will it work this time around?”

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Interesting observation, I will try to pay attention to these parameters too in the future

Sony’s phones seem to do this even when using android, can be found via google. My Xperia 10 has done this couple times, but for me shutting the phone down and starting it up again after few minutes has resolved the issue (ones I had to do it two or three times).
Has not happened for few month’s time.

Just ordered Xperia 10 plus dual sim, I wonder how bad that one will be. It will also run Sailfish.

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