Nextcloud Tasks Sync with SFOS


is there an option to sync my tasks from nextcloud to my Jolla? The current nextcloud apps only seem to support file transfer.



Welcome to the community, @Sikarjan!

Short answer: No.

There are a few threads on this topic in the old forum, without solution:

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Do you know if there is any interest in the community to make all of Nextcloud to work in Sailfish OS. It would be great to see full nextcloud integration in calendar, notes, etc. Native apps for Libre office documents, spreadsheets and presentation would be added greatness.
It could be the Sailfish OS answer to GSuite…


is it possible to use a android task list app for makeshift?

I recently took the plunge and installed Sailfish OS on my phone. So far I’m pretty happy with it, but one of the things I really miss is the tasks from nextcloud. I’ve started building an app for that, since I want the sailfish phone to become my daily driver and that’s not happening without my tasks.

So yes, there is interest. It is my first sailfish app though, and I’m doing this in my free time, so no promises whether I will finish it and if so when.

I’m actually hoping to integrate with the existing nextcloud integration in the OS itself, but I think that’s not possible at the moment. So I plan to do the account management and caldav interaction in the app itself for now, and maybe when I feel more confident look at how to contribute to the actual nextcloud integration to make it go through that instead (maybe there is already work under way on that?).


This is great news!

I hope all of Nextcloud will be fully integrated in Sailfish OS. I guess great people like you are needed to make that happen.

Would love if the native notes app were natively syncable with nextcloud.

Keep up the good work!

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I just uploaded a very very very early pre-release of the app to openrepos:

It hasn’t seen much testing yet, so there might be issues that may lead to data loss. I haven’t seen data loss yet in my local testing, and I am using it against my production nextcloud instance right now, but I also have very good backups :slight_smile:

Make sure to read the known issues before using this: