New future API poll?

The last release of SFOS came with newly allowed apis.

Can we have a new poll to see whats left and maybe what Jolla can prioritize?

@vige ??


That’s definitely a good idea. But I think we should probably wait a few weeks, so that the app developers have a chance to get familiar with the current offering first.


@vige, the “few weeks” are over by now (after 7 months), don’t you think? :wink:

More seriously: The last “allowed API” change was announced over a year ago, IIRC. The polls for these happened almost three years ago ([1], [2], both in December 2020), so the whole cycle took about two years (if I am not missing something). That is fine, as these decisions require some discussion and need some consideration, both, with the community, but presumably also Jolla-internal. Consequently it is about time to start another cycle to obtain a result in 2025, right?


I haven’t gotten to Secrets yet! Not so fast (ducks and runs).

We won’t be waiting for you. :stuck_out_tongue: (runs the other direction)

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