API Priority poll, take II

In our previous poll we asked you which APIs are missing from the list of allowed APIs in Harbour, from your point of view. In other words, what APIs would we need to allow for your app to be added to our store.

We received a nice amount of API suggestions - 28 in total. In addition to those there were some general improvement ideas about Harbour, but we will deal with those separately.

In this poll, we are asking you to help us prioritize those suggestions. Please select those APIs from the list below, which you think are the most important. The amount of APIs you can select is not limited, but please understand that we can’t have 28 top priority APIs. So try to keep the amount of APIs you select as low as possible, so that we can get meaningful data out of this poll. As a rule of thumb, try to keep below 5.

Thank You!

Most needed APIs
  • QtPositioning > 5.2
  • QtLocation
  • Sailfish Secrets
  • Possibility to have multiple binaries
  • Perl executables
  • Background services
  • Cron-like capability
  • TransferEngine
  • QtBluetooth
  • MediaKey
  • Unified way of reporting errors
  • dns-sd/mdns (aka Avahi/Bonjour)
  • ssdp
  • libpoppler
  • Tabs UI component
  • Custom auto completion (AutoFill)
  • gstreamer 1.0
  • phone interaction
  • adding custom actions to lock screen
  • access to accounts
  • Contact API
  • SMS (read and send)
  • dbus monitoring
  • Qt5Feedback
  • Silica Component to select a folder
  • BubbleBackground
  • Push Notifications API

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It seems something went wrong with the previous attempt, and the results of the poll only showed “NaN” for all options. Let’s try again. There were 5 people who already answered the poll, could you please answer again?

Hello @vige

Could you please elaborate a bit the SMS (read and send) plans?

I have created a transfer engine plugin to share contacts/text via SMS, and the best method what I found was the org.nemomobile.qmlmessages which basically opens up the Messages app filled with the data.

For MMS we have a MmsHelper in the libcommhistory: (used by the official MMS Share plugin). Are you planning to implement similar for SMS?

Well that’s easy: We have no plans at the moment. The same answer goes to most of the listed APIs. The results of this poll will help us make those plans :slight_smile:

Am i right to assume that some of the APIs listed just need to be allowed in the store and others (like the push notifications) need to be implemented from scratch along with whatever infra needed??

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Well, I would say that only the “QtPositioning > 5.2” matches the definition “just need to be allowed in the store”. All of the rest require at least some work before they can be allowed. And some indeed would need to be implemented from scratch.

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