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Search: I use the extention made by coderus for several.years. But shouldn’t this be default in Sailfish?

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And if you prefer Ecosia with its tree-planting programme, then:
curl -o /usr/lib/mozembedlite/chrome/embedlite/content/ecosia.xml


Yes. :slight_smile:
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And another yes.

For N9/x0 it was three seconds for shut down.
For N9/50 it was 8s for HW power off / reset / battery decoupling / name it…

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There are quite a few ‘extensions/applications/patches’ made by coderus (and of course also other developers) that could/should be part of a default installation!

A big
to coderus et al
for keeping up (and adapting).


Yes, I agree. Coderus did many good things for Sailfish and others too. I installed several fine apps that I use every day.Thanks to all devs.


-PGP for emails (in a doable way)

-html in mail signatures

(-fish encryption for the communi irc port / I have already bribed people on fiverr with a lot of money for implementing that, but on fiverr ther are no SFOS folks)

@jemmjemm: I did so and the command was working successfully. But it works only in devel-su (root) mode, not in “normal” developer mode (as user nemo).

BUT, this ecosia led me to Bing ! At the first use, address (URL) was Ecosia, but Bing appeared on top of the screen, at my first attempt to use it. After this I switched back to Duck, and then back to Ecosia. Now Ecosia appears at the top of the screen.

Maybe good for environment and the trees, ??? for data safety… I’m only thinking by myself… or did I make a mistake? Is Ecosia an alternative name for Bing?

@Seven.of.nine Yes, it should be done by root user.

If I recall correctly, then first time after adding ecosia.xml, browser also for some reason flashed Bing site. But as that has not itself repeated later, I did not pay attention to this strange behavior.

Ecosia and DuckDuckGo both use Bing as data source, but DuckDuckGo has added also other sources to generate search results.

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