Native Todoist app?

I’ve recently started using Todoist (with a paid plan for more features) and I’m thinking about creating a native Sailfish OS client for it (although it works fine with Browser). Are there any Todoist users in the community, and if so, would you be interested using (or testing) such client?


I am not a frequent user of todoist but would be interested in using/testing such a client.

Great idea =)
Currently I do use “Tasks” as it can be synced via CalDAV. I am very happy with it. However, I would give a native Sailfish OS client a very warm welcome =)

I’d be happy to test it!

I’m using the unpaid version of Todoist, and I could test it on Xperias 10 III, XA2 and X - also Jolla Phone and Tablet, the occasions it boots up.

If you need an icon hit me up. Might do something.

Hey, did you ever get to making such an app or is life, just like mine, way too busy? :wink:
I am trying my best to stay on board.

Thanks for pinging! I haven’t even started yet, I have been way too busy with my daily job, which directly drains my hobby-coding batteries. I’m afraid this will have to wait for “some time” but I’ll get to it some point!