My online girlfriend from overseas wants to know if there's a Sailfish OS online distro

Im excited to use Linux

…is what she said.

After a discussion on whether to send my old phone to her and explaining it would cost about the same as the price of an old phone to send, she said this…

I dont need your phone I just want to explore Linux

And you know, there are linux distros out there on the web you can use without clogging your PC with VM stuff like this:

So I’m wondering, is there a website that can run Sailfish OS online like that?

there could be, an attempt I guess. There is a SailfishOS x86_64 build, but it has some limitations.
I’ll admit I was very tempted to try this for an x86 tablet.

Though if she’s interested in Linux General, not specific to phones, I’m sure you probably recommended some Desktop OSes, but I’d have the audacity to say, maybe anything Gnome (vs Phosh) or maybe KDE Plasma (vs Plasma Mobile), and maaybe Ubuntu’s layout (vs Lomiri / Ubuntu Touch) as these can give some resemblance to their mobile counterparts.

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