Missing LED-Notifications for some Android apps

Moving to Threema Libre on a phone with Android App Support 10 ( (Vanha Rauma)), I had to use the workaround documented here, to get the LED light blue for a new message.

  • (Prerequisite): Developer mode, enabled, using ssh access and devel-su priviledges.
  • Find the application identifier, using “top” and “ps -Af”: ch.threema.app.libre
  • add the folloging lines in the file /usr/share/lipstick/androidnotificationpriorities:
Threema Libre;chat,chat_exists
  • restart device

It does not look to be a defect, but it seems that in general this is the file that controls if an android application can use SFOS LEDs for notifications.

Thanks for all hints in this thread!


I made this into a PR

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To all: In the pull request, it was explained that an improvement is on the way for the system, so that with future versions it is not necessary anymore to list each android application in a file as described above. I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

@thigg thanks for the pr.

Thanks for all of the discussion on this. As you point out @ber, and as explained by @pvuorela on the PR, the approach is changing and it should fix this issue in the next major release. I’ve therefore tagged this as “fixed”.

It would be great if you could please test it again after the release to check it then works as expected, and report back here.