Threema is going Open Source!

The app uses an open-source re-implementation of the Threema protocol:


Ah, OK. I only suspected it because I couldn’t imagine that this app was based on the original code.

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FYI: Threema went Google-free and to F-Droid. Discover Threema Libre


Good news!
Would be so great to have it on SFOS! :innocent:

It looks lile the backend library is not relying to heavy on android bits. Maybe its worth removing the last bits and compiling it to a shared library with Native Java applications with GraalVM on Xperia 10II and just build a frontend for sfos


To share some experience: For me Threema Libre (Threema Version 4.831|Build 756 Libre) on Sailfish OS (Vanha Rauma) with Android App Support 10, is working nicely. (Once the permission for the LED is configured, like [] Notifications from Android apps not shown - #21 by ber )

Having a SFOS native port or client would be nice - of course - because on Android App Support 4 phones Threema only work with an old version that is being phased out and does not have the full functionality anymore. And other SFOS users without Android App Support cannot use it at all.

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Every time I see/read someone getting excited about Threema, I feel duty-bound to share this post.


That’s not a post, that’s an epic…

Anyhow, I prefer Threema :sunny: and appreciate that Threema is innovative e.g. with decoupling from Google. A small dedicated company/app wins for me against the Signal monster (I refer to the 50 mio funding and the “foundation-business-model” which one forces to be loud).

Regarding the post, I don’t see anything really bad, there’s always things one can improve. If you prefer Signal that’s fine, they certainly seem to have used the funding well. Albeit some time ago I think I read that Signal requires a phone number? That wouldn’t be great imho.

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works for me.

I had looked at implementing:

But don’t really have the time. It looks like they went heavily Electron for desktop (no go!) so I didn’t go much further.

The java foundations for the android client are probably usable, but it’d be a lot of work to make it anything ‘like’ native :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s a sobering read. No PFS with libsodium is kinda of game stopper. Sigh.

Somewhere i have saved the beta .rpm
But the author has dropped the app i think. so bad.
It was working nice :+1:

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Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out | Hacker News has some criticism on the Soatok article. I have not made up my mind yet on the substance, but I do not like the style of the Soatok article. I wonder if there was an official response from Threema somewhere.

The discussion is useful but doesn’t actually detract that much from the Soatok article’s criticisms.

Personally, I think it’s good to have as many contenders in the field as possible. Even if, for instance, Rocketchat is not as robust on the crypto front as signal, there are other considerations (use cases) where it may be more useful.

I’m hoping one day to get this on sailfish :slight_smile:


Would totally make sense to have one app plus some kind of language agnostic plug-in interface (dbus?) or something, so not every single app developer would have to reinvent the wheel by designing another chat app UI over an over again. All chat apps seem to be 98% the same when it comes to the front-end.

This idea seems to have been floating around for quite a while:

I’ve used bridging to connect matrix, slack and mattermost but, at the time, noted the difficulty of e2e encryption. That has changed a lot in 2-3 years. The beeper people are funding and (a lot of work from the author of gomuks+) pushing e2e over bridges. It’s what has me looking in beepers direction. But it’s not open source at the client level which is kindashowstopper for me. sigh.

The Nokia N900 had such a messaging app that could communicate with skype and SMS messages… and more if I remember it well.

Yet another interesting article for German speakers

Sailfish even used to. Back at launch you were able to use xmpp, skype, and even for a (brief and unstable) period discord through the Messages app by installing plugins (I think Discord might’ve been the only 3rd party plugin there? I don’t recall if Skype support was official)

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Wow, totally forgot about that!