Missing apps in Jolla Store

After destroying the display on my Xperia XA2 Ultra, I decided to replace it with the Xperia 10 ii.
Flashing the new device with Kvarken worked well, but unfortunately I then found that many of my previously used apps were not discoverable in the Jolla Store.
Here is a list of the missing apps:

  • Cargo Dock
  • CodeReader
  • Fahrplan
  • GhostCloud
  • IP Address
  • Lists
  • MMS Logger
  • ownKeepass
  • Podcatcher
  • Predictive text input
  • QR Clip
  • Quick Launcher
  • SailNotes
  • ShellEx
  • Space Inspector
  • SpritRadar
  • Swiss Clock
  • TaskList
  • Vatupassi
  • WiFi Analyser
  • Working Hours Tracker

Sure some of them can be replaced by alternatives, but others, like CodeReader, ownKeepass ore Predictive text input are absolutely essential for me.
Any hints why the apps are missing and how I can install them anyway?


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your new phone is 64 bit while everything else was 32

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You are already on a 64 bit system. The apps will follow little by little.
I am also missing Spritradar. But I hope that the app developers still maintain their apps and there will be updates soon.

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“Hope always dies as the last”
I am sure a lot of apps will follow but as well a lot of developers have left the boat already (again).
And with no sources left (neither Jolla Store nor OpenRepos hosting sources :frowning: , some sources to be found on github…) I am afraid a good amount of apps will not transfer into the new shiny world of 64bit (with @Jolla not providing multi-lib architecture).

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Codereader from the store isn’t working for official 64bit devices also?

For ownKeepass, you will find the rpm here :slight_smile:

@mips_tux : Thanks a lot for the hint - this is very useful for me!

Codereader from the store isn’t working for official 64bit devices also?

Unfortunately it’s not available by now.

Ok. Thanks. I thought it was an issue with the ported phone i am using.

I use the original camera for code scanning.
Adjustable via Settings / Apps / Camera and there activate the item detection of QR codes.

Great! This made my day!

Yes i know. But i prefer CodeReader for scanning stuff.

BarCode | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System has 64bit version as well

Yes this works. The store version is what doesn’t.

It’s the same exact version. The only difference is that openrepos has also aarch64 build.

Predictive text input (Presage based), BarCode, QR Clip are at Chum repos already, including aarch64. I would expect that we will make ownKeepass OBS-compatible and add that as well. Hopefully more to come

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I know its the same. When i mentioned that the store version doesn’t work to slava in the comment section (store) of the app he said he tested it on aarch64 on a X10 ii and it worked. So i don’t know whats going on with that.
If the aarch64 version is missing from the store -which is something i cant tell- then its ok since it can be added.

Well, I can tell :wink: that it is indeed the case - the aarch64 version is missing from the Store.

At least now we know that this is not a bug of some sort.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to admit I’m a little surprised people are still using Jolla Store since OpenRepos is around :smile: