Missed call LED notification only works for first missed call, then turns off [regression on]

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2 Ultra Dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


Missed call LED notification is shown only once. Then, as long as the missed call entry remains in the communications history in the Phone app, on following missed calls there is no LED notification whatsoever. It takes clearing missed calls from the communications history to get a missed call LED notification on next missed call. And again, only once.



  1. Get a missed call - LED notification (green by default) blinks.
  2. Interact with the device so that the LED turns off.
  3. Get another missed call - no LED notification.
  4. Delete missed call from the History tab in Phone app - only then you’ll get LED notification on next missed call.


LED notification about every missed call.


No LED notification until missed call is deleted from communications history.


A further issue is that there is also no LED notification if the incoming call takes place when the display is on. Even if the display then turns off, there’s no LED notification.


Do you have this issue on 4.4 as well or has it gone away?

Actually, I only had it on I’ve never seen it again since upgrade, let alone 4.4. So it might have been some corruption of my own OS installation that got fixed by the upgrade.

So I think that this report can be closed/cancelled.

Thanks for the report @wetab73, and for following it up @nephros. I’ve tagged it as “fixed”.

Sadly, this awful bug is back on I’ve never seen it since… until today.

Missed call LED notification is correctly shown for the first missed call. But then, the second missed call makes the LED turn off. Further missed calls don’t turn it on, either. To get the missed call LED to work again, it takes clearing the missed call(s) entry from the calls history. As long as it is there, missed calls LED notification no longer works.

To reproduce it:

  • call your phone from some other phone, cancel the call (on the other phone)
  • you will get a missed call LED notification (steady green light)
  • call yourself once again, and again cancel the call (on the other phone)
  • when you cancel the call, the (still active) missed call LED notification will turn off and will remain turned off, not showing any missed calls
  • any further missed calls won’t turn on the missed calls LED notification, either.

This must be a regression, since it definitely worked OK on OS 4.4. I don’t know when exactly it returned, I noticed it only today because I had three missed calls from the same person and no LED notification.

I don’t know if it behaves so for missed calls from just one number, or also from different numbers. I could only test it (very thoroughly) with multiple missed calls from one number (my wive’s). I repeated it some 20-30 times (with several reboots in between) and it was 100% reproducible.

Additionally, as also originally reported, if the screen is on when the missed call takes place (even the first one), there is no LED notification whatsoever, even if the screen then turns off without any interaction from the user.

Therefore, I’ve removed the “fixed” tag from this bug report. I assume that this is a regression in OS

Gone away on 4.4, came back on 4.5 :cry:

Can someone please try to reproduce it?


I tried this with my Xperia 10 III & and I could reproduce the bug:

  1. First missed call turns on the green LED light.
  2. Second missed call turns off the green LED light.
  3. Third missed call doesn’t turn on the green LED light.

Thanks again, @wetab73, for your admirable bug hunting efforts!


My observation is a little bit diferent:
The bug triggers when it is the same number that calls.
If I(/you?) have other numbers inbetween, the green LED shows up.
Additionally, the display must not lit up for the bug to show up. So, if the proximity is “near”, no bug…
Just tested on (X) and (XA2).


Exactly! Thank you so much for reproducing/confirming it!

Indeed, as I pointed out in my previous message, I tested it only with multiple calls from the same number. But this way it is actually even more troublesome, as multiple missed calls from one number usually mean that someone has something really urgent / important to tell us. So the more we should be notified about it, whereas this bug causes that there is no LED notification… The first thing I do when I wake up or get back to my phone after I leave it unattended for some time, is to take a quick look at the LED to check if there are no missed calls. When I checked it yesterday, there was no LED notification, so I didn’t bother to check any further. Then, only some 3-4 hours later when I eventually unlocked the phone, I discovered multiple missed calls from a person who had an important question to me…

If the display is lit, then there seems to be no LED notification at all (not just for calls, but for any kind of communication). Which is also quite incomprehensible to me. This assumes that the display is lit because the user is interacting with the device (so he doesn’t need a LED notification), whereas the display may be lit at that time due to other reasons (e.g. the charging has just ended, or a message has just been received, etc. - all of which turn the screen on for a while). Then the screen turns off, but there’s no LED notification anyway.

This makes LED notifications completely unreliable. You can never be sure that no LED really means that there was no missed communication…


This didn’t (or, doesn’t) happen on my phones.

Yes, very bad™. To me it happened having the phone silent with open lid on a table, missed calls, because, no LED, nothing to worry…

Further tested and confirmed multiple times:

  • first missed call correctly turns on the notification LED
  • second missed call from the same number TURNS OFF the notification LED
  • third (and each consecutive) missed call from the same number DOESN’T TURN ON the notification LED.

To recap, notification LED only works for the first missed call from a given number/contact. It gets disabled by a second missed call from the same number, and it won’t won’t work for any consecutive call from that number. Sadly, this makes missed call LED notifications completely unreliable, as - ironically - for people trying to call you mulltiple times in a row (i.e. apparently having something very urgent/important to tell you) you will not get notifications.


Sadly, not only is this bug still present on, but I’ve additionally noticed that sometimes it also affects SMS messages (first SMS properly enables LED notification, another SMS from the same number turns it off). I had to learn to completely ignore LED notifications as totally unreliable. I mean, of course if the LED is on then it does indicate a missed call or message. But when it is off, it can actually mean EITHER no calls or messages, or multiple missed calls or messages from the same number (or actually even from many different numbers, it is enough that the last two missed calls are from the same number for the LED notification to switch off).

It is really sad that 1,5 years since the bug report was submitted, this bug isn’t even tracked, as if properly working missed communication notifications weren’t an important matter.

@wetab73 thank you for raising this. Let’s see what could we do to this.

Regarding this SMS led notification issue it would be good if you could write a separate bug report regarding that. It’s simpler to track and verify issues when comments do not include additional bug reports.