Misleading button X on the remorse timer can cause an unwanted loss of data

Today I deleted a bunch of photos by pressing this terrible and stupid cross on remorse timer. I did it for the 3rd or 4th time already since new design was introduced and I’m sure I will make this mistake again more than once due to poor usability of this timer.
Moreover there is no trashbin or the restore utility.
The conclision is simple - my data are in danger while I’m using SFOS.

I’m very sorry but I have to quit using SFOS untill it will be fixed. Ideally by all three mentioned ways:

  • more usable remorse timer;
  • restore utility;
  • trashbin.

I used SFOS fo about 5 years, I migrated from JP1 to SFOS X, I’m ready to accept the inconveniences that are still quite numerous (such as no NFC support and lack of native apps).
But I can’t put my data on everyday risk of deletion.


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