Migrate custom ambiances from Xperia X to Xperia 10 iii?

Is it possible to migrate custom ambiences (ones I created from my own photos) between Sailfish phones?

From researching I can’t find much info about where custom ambiences are even stored. The following post mentions a db file in .local but all i see is a tiny transferdb.sqlite file. Is that it?

I’d be happy to do any kind of manual copying of files so I don’t have to recreate them all by hand. I was able to successfully transfer all photos etc with a backup and restore file, it’s too bad that Ambiences aren’t something you can backup and restore with that app considering they are unique to the Sailfish experience.

Thanks in advance for any info folks can provide.

The database is at ~/.local/share/system/privileged/Ambienced, you should be able to copy it, but you need “privileged” permissions. devel-su -p gives you that.

Note that you will need the image and sound file s also, and at the correct location so ambienced can find them.

Or you could use ThemeColor to save them into rpm packages, but it does not support sounds and volume settings.


Also, sqlite files are best not copied themselves, but rather you should .dump the database, and then restore it at the target using cat backupfile | sqlite3 /parh/to/database

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Thanks much nephros. I’ll give these steps a try. Appreciate the answer, i hope it helps others too.

Thank you @nephros for the instructuons. Unfortunately they are of limited use to me as it doesn’t seem possible to add the .local/share/privileged folder to MyBackup :frowning:

So it looks like these steps can only be executed manually, and not easily included in an automated backup :frowning: