Situations and custom ambiences


I am an active user of Situations app. It puts my phone to silent at night and does many more nice things mostly by changing ambiences which have their own settings defined.

I have noticed that the application does not see custom ambiences. Is this a known issue? Would be nice to have this fixed.

My OS is
Device: Xperia XA2 Plus Dual sim


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There’s a comment about that in the Jolla Store app page from 4 months ago that was not replied to. I also noticed that the last production build was released for Android only, not Sailfish, (
Probably just needs an update since last SF version…

Actually I just tested, and custom ambience shows up for me, (see ambience “a1” in screen shot):

Which function were you finding it not working in?

So, it seems like Situations app just reads ambience list from /usr/shate/ambience. Usually that only contains built-in ambiences, but if you use Theme Colors app by @nephros to create your ambience, it installs there, so your custom ambience will show up on the list.
I’m not sure where the custom ambience files are kept, (nephros probably knows) - I guess a typical custom “ambience” is just a picture, so there’s probably no such directory…

This analysis makes sense. Only Ambiances in /usr/share/ambiences are read, which are only those installed through a package.

AFAIK custom ambiences (as in, select a picture → create ambience) are stored in a database in the users .local directory, and don’t have .ambience files representing them.

While it’s probably technically possible to add functionality to Situations to support these, I don’t think that’s really feasible to do.

At least the installed .ambience file and picture format is somewhat stable, the db could change at any moment in theory.

Footnote: BTW, building and installing ambiences from ThemeColor will break when Jolla sandboxing is switched on fully (probably in 4.4), so make your Ambiences now! :slight_smile:

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