MicroG vs. Google Play Services

What’s the difference using MicroG or Google Play (pico).

Hello, I am a basic user of SailfishOS.
After the latest update (, i have lost Chum and MicroG services from my Xperia 10 III.
After entering Google play services according to the [Instructions](https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/google-play-services-on-sailfish-4-1/6912), - I did not recover Android functionality. And I also don’t know how to completely delete MicroG services, or re-install them in order for parking, gas station, payment and game applications to work.
Can someone explain the difference between MicroG and Play store support?
And also how to re-enroll MicroG? Currently i cant uninstall Micro G core services or rewrite them.

You could try deleting a file in android_storage called .storage_migration_done and reboot to attempt to run the migration script again, or just try to get android installed from scratch Removing Android App Support | Sailfish OS Documentation (brutal way should get rid of everything). The script in the thread you linked worked fine on my XIII without changing anything in it on all 4.4 versions and also 4.5, just download it, chmod +x to make it executable and run as root (‘devel-su ./installgapps.sh’ when in the same directory), after reboot you should get google prompt to sign-in (it’s a bit buggy and will trigger multiple times if you swipe away from it, but should allow you to log in). With this setup in-app purchases work (or at least some, can’t guarantee all as just like with bank apps some have extra requirements and will complain about unlocked bootloader, or lack of android pin etc)

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Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.
Android installed from scratch did not give any results. All apps except google play store are gone. Currently does not even allow downloading apps from the Play Store. Informs that the device is running out of space. Only Aurora store works perfectly. I will continue to look for a solution, because I don’t want to rewrite the OS and lose nativ app and their settings :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your microG borked. So did mine, but i got it working eventually.

First make sure you have microG repository still in F-Droid (and activated).

Uninstall and reinstall the latest versions of microG related apps. You can find a list here (scroll down to DrYak’s instructions, under “microG repository”):

This time only microG Settings and Signature Spoofing Checker will appear in the app grid.

Start Signature Spoofing Checker and see if it works. In microG Settings under Self Check make sure everything except permissions are checked. Make sure Google Device Registration is on. If you want push notifications, make sure Cloud Messaging is on.

To register apps in Cloud Messaging go to SFOS Settings and swipe right for applications. For every application you want microG to work with, you have to clear their information to a clean state. Or alternatively uninstall and reinstall those applications. Now when you start an application, it should be registered in Google Cloud Messaging.

This should help you with microG.

I cant reinstall MicroG Core app, that creates MicroG settings in app grid.
In app grid appears only Signature spoofing checker, and it is working (enabled, in green screen). In F droid store i can see only a few MicroG related apps. And i cant reinstall GmsCore app from original page.

Are you sure you have the recommended repository in F-Droid?

What version of Fakestore is installed?

Edit: Also have you refreshed F-Droid repositories? To me it looks like it doesn’t do that on its own.

It is important to install the LATEST version of FakeStore from F-Droid, NOT the recommended version.

This helped me and was a hint from @vige (thank you, Ville, btw)


Yes, i do.
MicroG core services 23.04.13 (maby i should install
MozillaNlpBackend 1.5.0
Signature Spoofing Checker 1.1
NominatimNlpBacked 1.2.2
microG DroidGuard Helper 0.1.0-10gf64bf69
FakeStore 34.3.18-21
microG Services Framework Proxy 11

I think, that i am using recommended repository in F-droid :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think prefered FakeStore to install is this:

not from F-Droid. with that I got it working,
As mentioned here:

That version number does not sound like FakeStore version number at all. It sounds a lot like Google Play Store version number.

Thank you all for your help and thoughts. This happens when you don’t really know what you’re doing. :joy:
It would have been enough to update the Fake store version in the MicroG directory. :+1:
Unfortunately, I decided to try google play services. It was surprising that more android applications work with MicroG services and Aurora store than with Play Store. After many attempts to uninstall Google play services and enter microG, I ended up breaking SailfishOs android support services :neutral_face:. I couldn’t start them anymore.
After rewriting the operating system and installing MicroG services, I am happy with android applications again (Banks, movies, music, social networks, navigation).
All that remaining is to trick the Neste fuel application somehow (it is the only one that didn’t work).
Thanks again, and good luck to all Sailors.

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