microG on Xperia 10 II

Good Morning,
I am trying to use MicroG : I have installed
MicroG parameters,
microG services
UnifiedNlp legacy

In the autoverifaction section i do not have “playstore (phonesky) installed” ticked
I can’t find it on Fdroid and (secondary problem : i cant use Yalp).

Anybody can tell me where to find the phonesky app ?

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Install ‘fakestore’ from F-droid.

thank you phklrz,
I have installed this “fakestore”. I Have it ticked as installed now but I still have 2 boxes unticked which are “Phoneskyhas the good signature” and at the bottom “enable this app to work instead of others”.

By reading the forum i found this method :

I don’t understand the sentence " Install Coderus’ Aliendalvik control"
What am i supposed to do with this link ?

Sorry this must look very basic questions to some of you but i am totally new to the “play with your phone” game.

You do not need to install Aliendalvik Control because you can simply start the Android settings from the Terminal with
apk-launcher com.android.settings

their must be something i do wrong :
i get the invite :
defaultuser@xperia10plus-DualSIM ~]$
i type your command defaultuser@xperia10plus-DualSIM ~]$ apk-launcher com.android.settings
the phone answer is :
/bin/bash : apk-launcher : not found
do i have to log as root just as in my computer ? If yes what are the logins and password ?

Sorry, there was a typo :frowning: The correct command is

apkd-launcher com.android.settings

The “d” in “apkd” was missing

That’s not working anymore. This works:

apkd-launcher com.android.settings/com.android.settings.Settings


Thank you both : It worked I now have signature spoofing on green.
Sadly the app i do all this for need Location and the GPS on my phone does not work -or I have never found the way to make it work-.
In microG’s location modules it propose Mozilla location service. Is niminatim a good “adress lookup” ?

I might as well hijack this thread: I’m trying to install MicroG on my Xperia 10 II running the latest Sailfish update. I followed all of the steps in the TJC thread linked above, and all boxes (except the ‘foreground’ box) in the Micro-G self-check are ticked, but when I check the permissions section of the Android settings, 0 apps show up under the ‘enable system package replacement’ permission, so I can’t give FakeStore or the MicroG Service Core the permission. I’ve already tried restarting the Android App Support, but it doesn’t help. I suppose I’m doing something wrong… but what?

Indeed, you cannot check ‘enable system package replacement’ in permissions section of Android - but in my case MicroG works anyway. What does the Signature Spoofer Checker say?

Thanks for the hint! I just checked with Signature Spoofing Checker, and it said spoofing was enabled, then I tried one of the non-working apps again and… all of a sudden it works. Weird! Still can’t check ‘enable system package replacement’, but apparently it isn’t necessary.

it’s exactly the same here … initially it bothered me a bit but since everything is working fine I don’t care anymore

Well, all of a sudden it doesn’t work anymore, apps are complaining about missing Play Services again. Signature Spoofing Checker still says spoofing is enabled.