Micro - G How to install?

Can anyone send me a step by step how to install micro - g and to install free apps from Google play store because them are with last update and that is important.


Hi again,
i have downloaded ccbank app, without mk i think. i was able to start it.
it complained that it needs play services.
i said ok and then was redirected to login screen.
maybe you do not need the services for normal usage ?
i would try that out first.
booking.com also used the complain that it needs gps but would work without too.

Can u explain me step by step because i don’t understand this developer things.


no, cause i do not use it myself.
and if you do think it is too complex for you, it just might be and you better leave it.

the last post seems promising:

again: have you tried to run the app just like that ?
i was able to install and start it und ended up in login screen where you would type in your account number …

I see this topic but in the end off screen But at the end of all the menus, I don’t have those two Fakestore and micro g service core.

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Thanks but why don’t show me in at the bottom of the menu as in the picture ?

the first screen is sfos
the other two are android settings pages
isnt that obvios already due to the style ?

and if you search a bit in this or the linked threads , somebody did already linked how to start that dialog from terminal