Mi Band 4 on Sailfish XA2 Ultra

Not sure this ends up in the right spot.

I am using Sailfish OS as a daily sailor now and I really like so much about it! Some things I disliked I am really starting to like, however:

I need to be able to use Bluetooth with my Android Apps.

I have a Xaomi Mi Band 4 (might soon get number 5) and I would love to be able to use it with my phone. Problem right now is that I can’t find a native app for step, sleep and exercise tracking that works with my Mi Band and the android apps kind with my privacy won’t detect my device.

I am able to connect the Mi Band to my phone but it won’t communicate with the Android Apps for it. Neither the Mi Fit app nor Notifications for mi band app or any other Android app that can connect with Mi Band 4. I have understood that it might be because Sailfish and Android build their system differently around Bluetooth.

This is really the last part that Android draws me back on. Would I be able to use my fitness tracker on Sailfish OS there would be nothing to keep me from leaving my Android Phone at home.

Any suggestions?



Did you try Amazfish? Can be found on Openrepos and supports a bunch of Amazfit devices, including GTS and some Band/Cor.

supports the features you listed (steps, sleep, …) natively.


I just get the message “Problem installing”.

Would you know why I get that message?


Never mind. I forgot to go through Storeman and download things from there…

Now I have the problem that the app is asking for a authorization code for the band…


…which I found and entered. My Mi band 4 won’t pair anyway. It pairs in Sailfish OS Bluetooth settings but not in Amazfish app. It only tells me “Unexpected error”.


I opened the Amazfish App, clicked “start service” on the start screen and tried to pair again. Now the Mi band 4 is paired and working. Will come back after some exercise and a few days of running the app on with Mi Band 4 and let you know how it performs.

brilliant! you have to thank @piggz for his great work on Amazfish :slight_smile:

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It generally works very well, much of the band can be used.

However, to track biking the Mi Band 4 needs something the app seems not able to provide. It needs the GPS from the phone. Tracking biking is very important to me so this was disappointing.

Sleep tracking did not work from last night. I will see how it works tonight.

the Band does not have GPS? if not, then I’m afraid Amazfish doesn’t do that.

Re sleep tracking, did you wait till ~12pm? Sleep calculation is done at mid-day.

You can always use Kuri to do bike GPS tracking from the phone, it will use the heart rate sensor from the band to add HR info to the ride. (though, i havnt tested that in a while and there was lots of code changes, but if I broke it, ill fix it)

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Piggz! Thanks a lot for the app! I will try out Kuri. Will it register in Amazfish afterwards?

I tried Kuri but Mi Band 4 won’t connect. It tries but never gets there.

This is what it looks like when I try to start a new workout

You dont need to connect via bluetooth, it should just be the “Use HRM Service” as amazfish provides the heartrate as a service to Kuri

Ok. But how do I start the tracking. I can’t go anywhere from the screen where at the top it reads “Let’s go”.

If the band doesn’t know that I am tracking a bike, will it not count all bumps as steps?

you swipe forward, or click on Lets go. Uncheck Use HRM Device. I really wouldnt worry about some bumps registering as steps, I dont think step counts are that accurate anyway!

I am stuck on that screen. Even if I disable “use hrm device” I can’t click on Let’s go or Swipe forward. I do not know why. Maybe I need to remove the mi band entirely from that app.

Suddenly it works. I can add roadbike workout. However, there is no information from Mi Band 4. Can’t see that it received heartbeats from Amazfish either…

ill take a look when im fixing up Amazfish… in ~/Laufhelden are the gpx files, if there is heartrate info it will be in the file.

HiDo we have to use this Auth Key? And if yes where to find it?

yes you have to use this auth key, that you get using an Android phone.
It’s explained on the Amazfish Openrepos’ page - I followed the guide described here: https://www.freemyband.com/ but you have other options described on the Freeyourgadget page

Cartron – thanks

I had a spare Sony X which I downgraded to android (google-android) :frowning:. I used EMMA.

Then I had to work with the google-android, here I nearly jumped out of the window, not the MS-window but the window where I live. Even my plus changed so I can call it a “close to a death experience”.

I installed the “Mi Fit 4.2.0” mod from freemyband, connected the MiBand4, unistalled the “Mi Fit 4.2.0” (this must be done from the Settings menu.

Finally, I paired the MiBand4 with the Sailfish phone. First “start service” on the start screen and then pair.

Now I must see how it works, just what martinbook85 is doing :blush:

So – if anyone near København (Copenhagen) needs a google-android phone to do above they can contact me.

NB. Why I call it a google-androd, is that I have been writing with EU about the free-market and monitoring – but it seems they have been bought by google :frowning:


cool, let us know how it works and if you have questions! :smiley: